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About Classical MUSIC Society

The Classical Music Society Selangor and Kuala Lumpur is a non-profit organisation made up of music enthusiasts from different classical music background.

Officially registered and established in April 2010. The society seeks:

To promote a greater understanding of classical music for the music enthusiasts.

To provide a platform to nurture and hone musical talents and creativity unto excellence in music.

To encourage and promote positive activities regarding classical music.

To promote multicultural exchange through classical music via various instrument.

To provide opportunities for Malaysian musicians and composers to reach a wider audience for greater exposure.

To raise the standard of music education in Malaysia.

To collaborate with other local and international networks in the creation of relevant and sustainable music programmes.

To apply, lease, acquire or possess any land and other properties to further the aims of the Society with the consent of the general meeting and subject to the condition that prior approval be obtained from the relevant authorities where applicable.

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